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A Mother’s Advice To Other Domestic Abuse Victims

I’ve received hundreds of letters from men and women who are in the midst of their own custody nightmares.


jul 18, 15:31
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Pitcher’s Racist, Homophobic Tweets Surface During All-Star Game

"It doesn't reflect any of my beliefs now," the Brewers star said in an apology.


jul 18, 15:15
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Thai Boys Speak Out Following Harrowing Cave Rescue

Members of the Wild Boar soccer team are in good health and heading home.


jul 18, 14:52
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Jimmy Kimmel Endorses Chimpanzee For President

"The news today is our president is a liar, and not even a good one."


jul 18, 14:40
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Colbert Clarifies Trump’s Clarification

"It is starting to dawn on some people Trump may be a bad president."


jul 18, 14:28
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Trump Says Russia Will Help With North Korea Denuclearization

Russia said a meeting with North Korea was "on the agenda."


jul 18, 14:17
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Papa John’s Founder Says It Was A Mistake To Quit Board

John Schnatter says his words were taken out of context.


jul 18, 14:00
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Queen Elizabeth Wore Brooch Gifted By Obamas On Day Of Trump’s U.K. Arrival

The monarch's brooch choices during Trump's visit have raised some eyebrows.


jul 18, 13:46
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‘America’s Got Talent’ Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong

Mary and Tyce's scary fail shocked the judges and audience.


jul 18, 13:12
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New Evidence In California Jail Snitch Scandal Raises Questions

As attorney general investigations languish, continuing misconduct threatens to unravel dozens of new cases.


jul 18, 13:01
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