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How Learning To Build A Better Penis Changed My Life

Never had I seen such a change in the physical, emotional and mental states of a person as with transgender surgery.


sep 25, 15:30
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Is Your Local Lawmaker A ‘Fossil Fool?’ Sierra Club Targets Environmental Foes

Candidates who side with polluters against the environment are marked for defeat in November's elections.


sep 25, 15:04
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Kav Was ‘Aggressive And Belligerent’ When Drunk, His Yale Roommate Says

James Roche said he was good friends with Deborah Ramirez, who accuses Kavanaugh of sexual assault.


sep 25, 15:00
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Mel Gibson Is Remaking ‘The Wild Bunch’

The classic Western will ride again in the hands of the controversial director.


sep 25, 14:44
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Detroit Police Officer Fired After He Boasts Of Busting ‘These Zoo Animals’

The rookie cop was given the boot hours after his racially insensitive Snapchat post.


sep 25, 13:47
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11 Days After Florence, South Carolinians Are Bracing For The Worst

Thousands have been urged to evacuate as possible record flooding threatens in the coming days.


sep 25, 13:34
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Emma Stone Falls Hard For Puppy Stranded By Hurricane Florence

Watch Dwayne the dog wear down her resistance on "The Late Show."


sep 25, 13:24
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Philippine President Orders Arrest Of His Fiercest Critic

Duterte revoked the senator’s 2011 amnesty for a failed coup attempt and revived rebellion charges against him.


sep 25, 12:45
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This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You’re Blackout Drunk

An explanation of how alcohol can erase part of your night out.


sep 25, 12:45
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Opinion | If You Care About Immigrants, Prove It In The Midterms

We're relying on you to vote for candidates whose immigration policies are grounded in reality.


sep 25, 12:45
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