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Donald Trump Finally Met His Match In The Handshake Stakes

There’s a certain art to dealing with a Donald Trump handshake.

And Tajikistan’s strongman president, Emomali Rahmon, appears to have gotten it down to a tee.

The authoritarian ruler didn’t let the U.S president’s reputation as a fierce hand-grabber faze him when the pair met at a summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday.

In fact, he had the upper hand — as this viral clip shows:

Perhaps Rahmon analyzed footage of Trump’s February meeting with Japan’s prime minster Shinzō Abe to see how it shouldn’t be done:

Or maybe he studied Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s technique


Or he  might have just read HuffPost’s piece on how to defend yourself from a Trump-style handshake.

Here’s how Twitter users responded to Rahmon’s handshake encounter:

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58a58d20e4b037d17d250eaa,58ccf5a0e4b00705db4fd3e7,58a6b2dce4b07602ad535f62,58abfc3fe4b0f077b3ed6176

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'Active Shooter' At Texas' North Lake College Dies In Apparent Murder-Suicide

An “active shooter” reported at North Lake College in Irving, Texas, is dead, along with one victim, police said Wednesday.

The shooter appears to have killed himself after fatally shooting one victim, according to the Irving Police Department’s Twitter feed.

The college sent out an alert at 11:45 a.m. local time, saying that there was an ongoing “intruder lockdown” in place, according to The Dallas Morning News. 

By 1 p.m., police had identified a suspected gunman, telling the Morning News that a suspect seen in surveillance footage was a white man with a brown buzz cut, wearing an orange tank top with a gray stripe. It’s unclear whether that suspect was the one who later killed himself.

Nasrin Nanbakhsh, a math tutor who was on campus Wednesday, told the Morning News she saw the suspect standing over the victim, who was sitting in a chair. She said the suspect fired three shots.

Students and teachers reportedly took shelter inside classrooms and reported seeing officers with rifles clearing each room. Later, campus security escorted students out. The college reported that all classes were canceled for the rest of the day.

Irving police said on Twitter that there appeared to be “

” but that police would “continue to search to make the campus safe.”

MacArthur High School nearby was also on lockdown as a precaution, the office of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne confirmed.

North Lake College is a two-year community college with its central campus in Irving’s Las Colinas neighborhood. It is one of seven colleges in the Dallas County Community College District.

Around 11,000 students were enrolled at North Lake College in fall 2013, according to the school, with nearly 80 percent of those students attending full-time.

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May Day Strikes Hit Cities Around The Country

Workers in cities from coast to coast took the day off Monday to hit the streets and protest the Donald Trump administration for what organizers hoped would be the largest May Day demonstration in the U.S. in years.

The mass protest ― coordinated by labor, immigration and other progressive groups ― served as another early test of the grassroots momentum against the new White House and its right-wing policies. It came on the heels of a climate march that drew tens of thousands to Washington on Saturday.

Backers of the May Day protests saw the day as an ideal opportunity to challenge the Trump administration over its immigration crackdown. The president has promised to ramp up deportations of undocumented workers, strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities, and build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Zeferina Perez, a 59-year-old who came from Mexico two decades ago, said she wanted to show that American businesses cannot function without immigrant labor. She said it stung to see her community vilified on the national stage when immigrants were working hard for meager wages and often exploited to begin with.

“We need to demonstrate to everyone that immigrants are important to this country,” said Perez, who was passing out protest leaflets in D.C. ahead of Monday. “We’re willing to take any job that they give us. We only want to work and take care of our families.”

Los Angeles protesters began gathering before daylight Monday ahead of several marches taking place across the city.

In Philadelphia, teachers took sick days and protested over their lack of a contract, blocking traffic as they marched down North Broad St. Students joined them,

In downtown Denver, around 60 people gathered to protest Trump and fight for better working conditions for all people, immigrants included. Eva Martinez, representing Service Employees International Union local chapter 105, told HuffPost in Spanish she’s here to send a “message to Trump that we are together and we are strong and we’re going to fight.”

In New York City, workers picketed outside B&H Photo after the company announced earlier this year it would shut down its two warehouses in the city, cutting more than 300 jobs. 

Several businesses in different cities closed their doors to show their support for the May Day protests and immigrants’ rights.

The May Day holiday has radical roots in the American fight for an eight-hour workday, and it serves as an annual working-class celebration of labor in many foreign countries, including Mexico. The largest May Day demonstration in recent U.S. history occurred in 2006, when hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers went on strike to rally for immigrant rights.

As they laid the groundwork for this May Day, organizers had that massive protest in mind ― echoing other recent, anti-Trump demonstrations, like the massive women’s march that followed Inauguration Day.

“I think May 1 is the start of something, just as Jan. 21, with the women’s march, was the start of something,” said David Huerta, president of United Service Workers West, which is part of the Service Employees International Union. “We have to continue to voice our grievances with this administration and let them know there’s a resistance building. This isn’t just about immigrants or women. It’s about all of us who are being targeted.”

Although large-scale U.S. strikes are at a historic low in modern times, Trump’s election has kindled hopes on the left of a massive general strike to shut things down. February’s “day without immigrants” managed to shut down restaurants and other businesses in certain cities. March’s “day without a woman” brought thousands to Trump’s doors in Washington mid-week, many of them forgoing work for a Wednesday.

Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said it remained to be seen whether the strikes have a legacy.

“We may be entering an era of political strikes, in which unions and other groups set a date and an agenda, but in which lots of unaffiliated people join in,” Lichtenstein said. “The question is: Can these strikes be given any sort of institutional backbone, any impact other than a one-time event that needs to be recreated from start each time?”

Unions like Huerta’s played a major role in May Day planning, advising workers on their rights if they wanted to strike and pressuring companies not to retaliate against anyone who takes part. Tech companies like Google and Facebook have agreed not to punish employees who are out for the day, and they’ve encouraged their contractors who employ low-wage janitors and food service workers ― many of them Latino immigrants ― to do the same.

In Washington, a local immigrant rights group called Many Languages One Voice was canvassing the downtown business area asking employers to close for the day. If they were unwilling to do that, the group wanted them to commit to allowing employees to miss work without reprisal. The group handed managers pledge sheets to sign, and doled out information about the protests to workers, telling them not to work or shop on Monday.

“We want folks to see that there’s a group on the ground that’s concerned about retaliation,” said Hannah Kane, an organizer with the immigrant rights group. Kane said more than two dozen restaurants, hair salons and other mostly independent businesses had agreed to shutter for the day. Her group planned to accompany workers back to work on Tuesday if they were concerned about being punished.

There have been several short-lived protest strikes since Trump took office, including a temporary work stoppage by taxi drivers at JFK International Airport. That strike was a direct response to an executive order issued by Trump barring refugees from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. The “day without immigrants” in February closed restaurants and some schools in cities like Washington.

Perez said she hoped that May Day would one day become the working-class celebration in the U.S. that it is in her native Mexico.

“May Day is the worker’s day,” she said. “Here they don’t honor the work that immigrants do. We want people to respect us and our rights.”

Kate Abbey-Lambertz and Ryan Grenoble contributed to this report.

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Driver Detained At White House After Alleged Car Bomb Threat

A man is in custody after he reportedly drove up to a White House security checkpoint on Saturday night and claimed to have a bomb in his vehicle, law enforcement officials told CNN.


from the Secret Service confirmed that an individual drove his vehicle to the checkpoint at 11:05 p.m. After contact with uniformed agents, the Secret Service detained the individual and “declared his vehicle suspicious.”

The statement said a criminal investigation was ongoing, but did not mention any explosive devices.

Ryan Nobles, a CNN reporter who was on the scene, said that a robot and bomb squad member were 

of the suspect’s car “
” after the incident began.

Shortly after midnight, Nobles tweeted that the suspect’s car was still running and 


This was the second security incident at the White House that day.

On Saturday afternoon, Secret Service agents arrested an individual who reportedly jumped over a bike rack in an attempt to reach the White House, CBS News reported. The individual was apprehended before reaching the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Donald Trump was in Florida at the time of both incidents.

Last week, a man identified as Jonathan T. Tran was arrested after he climbed over a fence and reached the exterior of the White House carrying two cans of Mace and a letter for Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Tran reportedly spent 15 minutes on White House grounds before he was apprehended. 

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Berlin Christmas Market Attack Suspect Killed In Shootout In Italy, Official Says

MILAN, Dec 23 (Reuters) - The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market truck attack was killed in a pre-dawn shoot-out with police in a suburb of the northern Italian city of Milan on Friday, Italy’s interior minister said.

“The man killed was without a shadow of doubt Anis Amri,” Marco Minniti said, referring to the 24-year-old Tunisian who is suspected of driving the truck that smashed through a Berlin market on Monday killing 12 people.

Minniti told reporters that Amri was stopped by two policemen at around 3 a.m. (0200 GMT) in front of the Sesto San Giovanni train station, north of Milan.

When he was asked for his identification papers, Amri pulled a gun and shot one of the two policemen, lightly wounding him in the shoulder. He in turn was then shot dead by the police.

“These two extraordinary, extremely young men, simply by doing their duty, have done an extraordinary service to our community,” Minniti said. One of the two policemen had only just started service and was on his trial period.

A judicial source told Reuters that police had a tip off that Amri might be in the Milan area and that additional patrols had been sent out to look for him.

A rail ticket found on Amri’s body indicated he had traveled by high speed train from France to the northern Italian city of Turin, the source said. Amri then caught a regional train to the Milan suburbs.

Minniti gave very few details of the police operation, saying investigations were still in progress. He added that there could be “future developments.”

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Berlin attack, in which the truck mowed through a crowd of people and bulldozed wooden huts selling Christmas gifts and snacks beside a famous church in west Berlin.

#BREAKING: an killed in shootout with Italian police identified as Berlin attacker Anis Amri: police official

— i24NEWS English (@i24NEWS_EN)


Amri was caught on camera by German police on a regular stake-out at a mosque in Berlin’s Moabit district early on Tuesday, Germany’s rbb public broadcaster reported.

He had originally come to Europe in 2011, reaching the Italian island of Lampedusa by boat. He told authorities he was a minor, though documents now indicate he was not, and he was transferred to Catania, Sicily, where he was enrolled in school.

Just months later he was arrested by police after he attempted to set fire to the school, a senior police source said. He was later convicted of vandalism, threats, and theft. He spent almost four years in two different prisons in Italy before being order out of the country.

The Berlin attack has put Europe on high alert over the Christmas period.

In the early hours of Friday morning, German special forces arrested two men suspected of planning an attack on a shopping mall in the city of OberhausenIn in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The men - two brothers from Kosovo, aged 28 and 31 - were arrested in the city of Duisburg on information from security sources, police said.

A police spokesman said there was no connection between the Duisburg arrests and the Amri case.

Amri had been identified by security agencies as a potential threat and had had his application for asylum rejected, but authorities had not managed to deport him because of missing identity documents. 

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Woman Killed When Giant Tree Topples On California Wedding Party

Officials have launched an investigation after a woman was killed Saturday and a 4-year-old girl and four other guests were injured when a giant Eucalyptus tree suddenly toppled on wedding guests in a Southern California park.

Some members of the wedding party were snapping photos of the 100-foot tree in Penn Park in Whittier, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles, when it crashed on top of them.

More than 100 police officers and firefighters responded to the tragedy Saturday afternoon, and attempted to revive the woman struck by the tree. Several people were trapped beneath the limbs of the tree until rescue workers cut them free with chainsaws.

Tree fell on ppl at Penn park #penn #whittier #LACoFD @WhittierNews

— :) (@iCbass7)

“The officers responding initially went to work right away, did the best they could to start getting larger limbs and people out from under the tree, and then our partners at Los Angeles County Fire arrived and we were able to start getting victims out and getting victims triaged,” a police official said at a press conference. 

The victim has not been identified, nor has the girl, who was critically injured with head trauma when the tree toppled, according to Whittier police. The other injuries were minor. A witness said the dead woman may have been related to the bride. The bride was “screaming about her mom ― they couldn’t wake her up,” Rene Zaldivar, who was at the park for another celebration, told NBC 4.

#Breaking- Rescuers in #Whittier r working 2 free victims trapped after a large tree fell on a wedding party. @NBCLA live with updates now.

— Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC)

Penn Park will remain closed indefinitely as an arborist examines the site as well as other trees in the area. Officials said there was no indication earlier that the tree was at risk of falling. There was early speculation that the California drought had weakened the roots that then tore from the earth because the ground was softened by recent heavy rain, reported ABC 7.

The park is popular for weddings in part because of the picturesque trees.

“We’re trying to make sure that we give all the dignity and respect of that family,” Los Angeles County Fire Department Deputy Chief John Tripp said at the news conference. “They were here for a joyous occasion and then unfortunately, a very large tree interrupted that, and they, right now, are going through a lot of issues that we’re trying to make sure to support.”

Tripp said had there been more people directly under the tree, most of the injuries would not have been minor. “Fortunately, there weren’t more people that were injured by the collapse,” he said. “It could have been a lot worse.”

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Content + articlesList=55ce6a2ae4b0ab468d9d6d02

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World Leaders React To Fidel Castro’s Death

Heads of state from around the world are reacting to Fidel Castro’s death.

Allies praised the global impact and legacy of Cuba’s former president, who died aged 90 on FridayHis opponents remembered him for heading a communist regime with a poor human rights record.

President Barack Obama said that “

, we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people,” while President-elect Donald Trump simply confirmed the news.

Fidel Castro is dead!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Pope Francis described Castro’s death as “sad news.” He said he was grieving and praying for Castro’s “repose.”

Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, whose communist bloc bolstered Cuba politically and economically until its own dissolution in 1991, said that Castro had left a lasting mark on world history, Interfax news agency reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Cuban strongman an “inspiring example for many countries” and a “symbol of an era” in a telegram he sent to the former leader’s brother and successor, Raul Castro. 

#BREAKING Putin praises Castro as 'symbol of an era': Kremlin

— AFP news agency (@AFP)

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev shared a lengthy Facebook post in which he recalled last speaking with the late Cuban leader on the telephone in August.

“Without exaggeration, a whole era of history is gone with Fidel Castro,” he wrote. “I will treasure memories of my meetings with this remarkable man.”

We last spoke on the phone in August. Fidel Castro had a keen interest in the events in the world and in Russia

— Dmitry Medvedev (@MedvedevRussiaE)

In a statement, China’s President Xi Jinping praised Castro’s contribution to developing communism around the world. The Chinese people had lost “a close comrade and a sincere friend,” he added.

French President Francois Hollande, however, noted his concerns over the Castro regime’s human rights record, as he welcomed the warming of relations between Cuba and the U.S.

Fidel Castro was a towering figure of the 20th century. He incarnated the Cuban revolution, in both its hopes and subsequent disillusionments,” Hollande said. “France, which condemned human rights abuses in Cuba, had equally challenged the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and France was glad to see the two countries re-establish dialogue and open ties between themselves.”

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa remarked how “a great has left us,” while Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro called Castro “an example of the fight for all the people in the world.”

Se fue un grande. Murió Fidel.
¡Viva Cuba! ¡Viva América Latina!

— Rafael Correa (@MashiRafael)

A tod@s l@s Revolucionari@s del Mundo nos toca seguir con su Legado y su Bandera de Independencia,de Socialismo,de Patria Humana...

— Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro)

A 60años de la partida del Granma de México parte Fidel hacia la Inmortalidad de los que luchan toda la Vida...Hasta la Victoria Siempre...

— Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro)

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales said Castro “left us a legacy of having fought for the integration of the world’s peoples,” while El Salvador’s leader Salvador Sanchez called him the country’s “eternal friend.”

Con profundo dolor recibimos noticia del fallecimiento de querido amigo y eterno compañero, Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz.

— Salvador Sánchez (@sanchezceren)

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma thanked Castro for his help as black South Africans struggled against apartheid. “President Castro identified with our struggle against apartheid,” Zuma said via a statement. “He inspired the Cuban people to join us in our own struggle against apartheid.”

Zuma’s party, the ruling African National Congress, also expressed sadness over the news.

Comrade Castro's leadership remains an inspiration to revolutionary movements committed to social justice worldwide. #VasBienFidel


As did the foundation of the late, former South African President Nelson Mandela: 

#NelsonMandela Foundation sends deepest condolences to the people & government of Cuba on passing of Fidel Castro

— NelsonMandela (@NelsonMandela)

Spain’s President Mariano Rajoy sent his condolences to the Cuban authorities: 

Mis condolencias al gobierno y autoridades cubanas por el fallecimiento del expresidente Fidel Castro, una figura de calado histórico. MR

— Mariano Rajoy Brey (@marianorajoy)

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his condolences to the people of Cuba via Twitter, calling Castro “one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century.”

I extend my deepest condolences to the Government & people of Cuba on the sad demise of Fidel Castro. May his soul rest in peace.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

Fidel Castro was one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. India mourns the loss of a great friend.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

And India’s President Pranab Kumar Mukherjee echoed those thoughts:

Heartfelt condolences on sad demise of Cuba's revolutionary leader, former President & friend of India, Fidel Castro #PresidentMukherjee

— President of India (@RashtrapatiBhvn)

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called Castro “a friend of Mexico” who promoted a relationship based on “respect, dialogue and solidarity.”

Fidel Castro fue un amigo de México, promotor de una relación bilateral basada en el respeto, el diálogo y la solidaridad.

— Enrique Peña Nieto (@EPN)

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena similarly called Castro an “iconic leader of an era of revolution.”

The iconic leader of an era of revolution bids farewell to the world. Rest in peace, Comrade Fidel Castro.

— Maithripala Sirisena (@MaithripalaS)

Pakistan presidential election candidate Imran Khan, a former cricket player, described Castro as an “iconic revolutionary” who “liberated his nation from all vestiges of imperialism”. 

1. Today the world lost an iconic revolutionary leader Fidel Castro who liberated his nation from all vestiges of imperialism.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI)

2. Castro reasserted the Cuban nation's dignity & self worth that withstood US aggression & became a global ldr for anti colonial struggles

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI)

3. We in Pakistan will always remember with gratitude Cuba's support on the ground in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI)

Ireland’s President Michael Higgins issued this statement:

Read the full text of the President's statement on the death of Fidel Castro:

— President of Ireland (@PresidentIRL)

Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, did not praise Castro in his tweeted statement. Instead, he noted that the former president’s death marked both the end and start of a new era for Cuba.

Fidel #Castro's death marks the end of an era for #Cuba & the start of a new one for Cuba's people

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson)

This article has been updated to include additional leaders’ reactions to the news of Castro’s death.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=55e89377e4b0aec9f356957c,58396dbee4b000af95ee489d,56f12d7fe4b03a640a6b7e30

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'Suspicious Package' Explodes In New Jersey As Bomb Squad Robot Tries To Disarm It

A bag containing as many as five pipe bombs detonated overnight in Elizabeth, New Jersey as a bomb squad robot 

, the FBI stated.

No injuries were reported.

The FBI arrived on the scene late Sunday night after receiving reports of a suspicious package that was found by the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station. Around 9:30 p.m., two men took a package from a wastebasket, believing it to be “of some value to them,” Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage said.

As they walked around the corner, the men noticed the package contained wires and a pipe. They immediately dropped it and called Elizabeth police.

#BREAKING video shows moment bomb robot accidentally detonated device found @ Elizabeth NJ train station.

— Anthony DiLorenzo (@ADiLorenzoTV)

The discovery came just one day after a small bomb detonated alongside a 5K charity race in nearby Seaside Park, and an explosion rocked the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday night. More than two dozen people were injured in the second blast. A second device that did not explode was also found in the area. 

As a result of the investigation in Elizabeth, train service in the area was interrupted. All New Jersey Transit and Amtrak trains were suspended going through the Elizabeth, New Jersey station.

#NEC & #NJCL customers are advised to seek alternate means of transportation.


Service is currently suspended in the area of Elizabeth, NJ due to police activity.

— Amtrak Northeast (@AmtrakNEC)

Customers are safe & trains have been brought into stations to allow passengers to disembark and seek alt transportation if they desire.

— Amtrak Northeast (@AmtrakNEC)

At the time of this writing, law enforcement officials are still

at the site of the explosion.

The incident in Elizabeth, New Jersey was the fifth since Friday. Previous attacks occurred in New York City, Seaside Park, New Jersey, Philadelphia and St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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Suspected Suicide Car Bomber Attacks China's Embassy In Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK (Reuters) - A suspected suicide bomber rammed the gates of the Chinese embassy in the Kyrgyz capital Bishek on Tuesday, killing himself and wounding three others, officials said.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said the car exploded inside the compound and quoted Deputy Prime Minister Janysh Razakov as describing the blast as “a terrorist act.”

#BREAKING At least 1 killed, 2 injured after a car rammed gate of Chinese embassy in Bishkek & exploded: authorities

— People's Daily,China (@PDChina)

Police, who cordoned off the building and the adjacent area, and the GKNB state security service said they were investigating the incident, which occurred around 1000 local time (0400 GMT).

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan, a mostly Muslim former Soviet republic of 6 million people, routinely detain suspected Islamist militants accused of being linked to the Islamic State, which actively recruits from Central Asia.

An anti-Chinese militant group made up of ethnic Uighurs is also active in the region. In 2014, Kyrgyz border guards killed 11 people believed to be members of that group who had illegally crossed the Chinese-Kyrgyz border.

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Dallas Police Search Headquarters Garage After Threat Against Department

DALLAS ― SWAT teams swarmed a parking garage at Dallas Police Department headquarters on Saturday, following reports of a

 in the area. Ultimately, nobody was found, but the early evening search added to tensions in a city where a sniper had killed five law enforcement officers just two days earlier.

Scene escalated outside DPD headquarters. Officers running, guns drawn @CBSDFW

— Jeff Paul (@Jeff_Journalist)

The police department was on high alert Saturday following a threat to harm officers. The nature and origin of that declaration were unclear, but the department said it had received an “anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city and has taken precautionary measures.”

#BREAKING @DallasPD closed Lamar St in front of its HQ, ofcrs w/ AR15s, ballistic helmets out front for new threat.

— Jason Whitely (@JasonWhitely)

As officers focused on the search at department headquarters, reporters and the public were pushed back, and news teams were asked to cut their live feeds.

Witnesses suggested that police were searching for a masked man, although officials did not confirm that. Early media reports also suggested that shots had been fired, but police later said 

 at any person. They said they had used a
and another 
to breach locked entryways in a parking garage.

Officers on top of parking garage near DPD headquarters @CBSDFW

— Jeff Paul (@Jeff_Journalist)

At one point, armored vehicles could be seen near the garage. Police said they had not found anyone after an initial sweep of the garage, but then conducted another search with


Shortly before 9 p.m. Eastern time, the department announced via Twitter that the search was concluded: “No suspicious person or items were found.”

Multiple sources say Dallas SWAT deployed after a threat was made by a group from Houston that claims they are armed

— Rebecca Lopez (@rlopezwfaa)

The city of Dallas was already on edge this weekend over the sniper attack Thursday night. Five officers had been killed and seven more wounded when a lone gunman opened fire at a protest over police violence. The shooting topped off a difficult and sorrowful week in which the country watched videos of two black men shot to death by police in other states.

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