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Even In Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump Will Still Get His Steak With Ketchup

President Donald Trump’s love of eating well-done steak with lashings of ketchup is well-documented (and often maligned).

So much so that the caterers preparing the official meals during his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia are reportedly planning to include it on the menu.

They will offer Trump his preferred dish alongside traditional local cuisine such as lamb and rice, according to The Associated Press. It is “part of a worldwide effort to accommodate America’s homebody president,” the news agency notes.

Twitter users seemed to be incredulous when they heard the news:

There’s no word, however, on whether Trump’s Saudi hosts plan to provide him with the equivalent of the red desk button the president pushes to instruct a butler to bring him Coca-Cola.

Trump sets off on Friday for his first official trip as president to the Middle East and Western Europe. Over the course of nine days, he is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, a G7 meeting in Sicily, a NATO summit in Belgium and the Vatican.

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Jeffrey Toobin Unloads On 'Grotesque' Comey Firing

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin did not mince words when responding to President Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey on Tuesday.

Toobin compared the dismissal of the FBI director while investigations into ties between the president’s campaign and Russia are ongoing to Richard Nixon’s firing of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox in 1973. 

“It is a grotesque abuse of power by the president of the United States,” Toobin said. “This is the kind of things that goes on in non-democracies. That when there is an investigation that reaches near the president of the United States or the leader of a non-democracy, they fire the people who are in charge of the investigation.”

Many people applauded Toobin’s direct and pointed criticism of the shocking move, while other networks were bungling the delivery of the news


Toobin’s own brief tweets say it all. 

The president dismissed Comey as he was leading an investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia and that country’s influence on the 2016 presidential election. Comey learned about his own termination after seeing it on TV and initially thought it was a joke, according to several reports. 

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, also compared the move to Nixon’s firing of Cox

“Today’s action by President Trump completely obliterates any semblance of an independent investigation into Russian efforts to influence our election, and places our nation on the verge of a constitutional crisis,” he said. “There is little doubt that the President’s actions harken our nation back to Watergate and the Saturday Night Massacre. This decision makes it clear that we must have an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate both Russian interference in the U.S. election and allegations of collusion between the government of Vladimir Putin and the Trump campaign. Today’s actions reek of a cover up and appear to be part of an ongoing effort by the Trump White House to impede the investigation into Russian ties and interference in our elections.”

The White House sent a letter saying that Comey’s firing came in an effort to restore “public trust and confidence.” In October, just two weeks before the election, the FBI director said the Department of Justice was reviewing additional emails that could be related to its investigation into Hillary Clinton, months after saying he would not recommend charges against her.  

Speculation abounds as to why Trump dismissed the director now. The New York Times’ editorial board said it believes Trump fired Comey because his investigation “could bring down a president.” Trump, however, seems to think both sides of the aisle will eventually thank him for the decision. 

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Violence Erupts At Pro-Trump California Beach Rally

A pro-Donald Trump demonstration in southern California turned violent on Saturday after counterprotesters allegedly pepper-sprayed several people, including the event’s organizer.

Anti-Trump protesters claimed after the incident that one of their members had used the spray in self-defense after being physically assaulted.

Pro-Trump marchers in Huntington Beach jumped on the alleged sprayer, who was wearing a black balaclava. They punched and kicked him, witnesses told the Los Angeles Times.

Bystanders broke up the fight and police later detained the alleged sprayer, who was among some 40 counterprotesters.

One pro-Trump marcher told the LA Times that he was among those who had chased the man to the highway following the incident, and that he’d been struck five times with a Make American Great Again flag

The counterprotesters later claimed they were the victims.

“People started punching and tackling our side and one [of the protesters] pepper-sprayed in defense,” counter-rally organizer Jordan Hoiberg told the Orange County Register. “We were expecting it to be more peaceful.”

State Parks Police said they arrested six people, including three on suspicion of illegal use of pepper spray. Two people suffered minor injuries, police Capt. Kevin Pearsall told NBC, noting there had been a “disagreement of beliefs” at the scene.

There were other confrontations as anti-Trump protesters and bystanders berated members of the Make America Great Again gathering. As many as 2,000 people waving flags, holding signs and wearing face paint marched along the Bolsa Chica State Beach. It was one of several pro-Trump events that took place across the nation. 

The anti-Trump group Indivisible OC 48 released a statement before the march saying that its members would not join any counterprotest at the rally.

“Indivisible OC 48 believes that the most effective way to combat an agenda built on discrimination and divisiveness is to focus on our own positive and peaceful political actions, and not to engage in confrontations with other citizens exercising their rights to free speech,” the group said.

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Despite Death Threats, Artist Behind Nazi-Themed Trump Billboard Plans To Make More

After designing a controversial billboard that appeared in Phoenix, Arizona, last week, artist Karen Fiorito has received a lot of death threats.

Her billboard, on view since March 17, features President Donald Trump’s visage surrounded by swastika money signs and twin nuclear mushroom clouds. On the backside, it showcases an image of five hands signing “unity,” but that’s not the part of the billboard that’s provoked critics, who have suggested over phone, email and social media that Fiorito sleep with a gun under her pillow.

“You are a sick, disgusting person to compare President Trump to anything like this,” one Facebook user commented on Fiorito’s page, referencing her Nazi imagery.

“Regarding your SWASTIKA billboard in my town [...] I’m going to tell you that no, they symbolize hate and anti-semitism. Shame on you,” another wrote.

The billboard space was provided by owner Beatrice Moore, who, according to local outlet 12 News, will keep Fiorito’s divisive image up for the remainder of Trump’s presidency. Despite the torrent of harassment she’s experienced, Fiorito is on board. In fact, she has plans to make more billboards ― trolls be damned.

“I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I’m just trying to express what I think is on a lot of people’s minds these days,” explained the artist, who’s also responsible for a series of 12 billboards addressing California’s drought. “Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction.”

“There are people who say, ‘Well, it’s offensive,’” she added, “but the current administration ― its policies, the people that are put in power ― are offensive to me.” 

We checked in with Fiorito not long after her billboard went viral to discuss the wave of backlash she’s encountered and her persistent desire to make more billboards. It’s safe to say Americans will probably be seeing other Nazi-themed Trump billboards in the future.

Can you elaborate on the kinds of death threats you’ve received from critics of the billboard?

There are some people telling me I should die, or they are “coming to get me.” Others say that I’m “disgusting,” “not an artist,” a “traitor,” a “Nazi,” a “Communist,” a “Feminist,” and my favorite, “Fake News.” Most are just the uneducated insults, and there is a lot of crass and vulgar language so I can’t really say much more than that. 

When someone says, “You should sleep with a gun under your pillow” or, “Me and my boys are coming to get you,” it’s a little scary. What’s scarier is when they have your home address, email and phone number. I know most of this is hot air, but it only takes one crazy person. I am not too afraid, but my family members are afraid for me.

Have the threats been lodged anonymously, or are individuals or groups using their names or other information to identify themselves? Are they happening online, or via other forms of communication?

I’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls and emails. I’ve gotten hundreds of threats on every page I have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. They tried to hack my accounts (Facebook, Gmail) and my social security number. They never identify themselves unless it is on social media. Many have called from blocked or “anonymous” numbers and emails. I have kept a call log of every number along with its corresponding message and am reporting them to the police, just in case. 

KPNX claimed that you did expect “blowback” from Trump supporters before installing the billboard. Was the reaction in line with what you expected?

This is not my first political artwork. I have a history of political posters and billboards. I did an anti-Bush billboard in 2004 and an anti-Fox News billboard in 2005. Each of these caused me to receive many death threats and hate. [People] also hacked my email and posted my personal information online. These are their tactics. They will do anything to scare and intimidate you because they know you are right. They want me to be silent. They want me to live in fear and take the billboard down. That is not going to happen.

What has been the general local response to the billboard in Phoenix? 

I heard ― I am in California ― from the owner that there has been a line to take selfies with it every day and a line of traffic around the block all day. People have been traveling from all over Arizona and California to visit it. People are hanging signs around it and leaving candles. It’s been very popular.

Are you planning on installing anymore billboards?

Yes. We are compiling a list of cities right now and doing research on costs, etcetera. We will be announcing something soon!

Have you received commissions for more?

I have had many people ask me to put it up in their home town or city, even some who have offered me money, but nothing confirmed yet.

What is your advice to artists who wish to resist Trump, but might be afraid of potential retribution from Trump supporters?

Join a group or local organization against Trump and his policies. Lots of artists are forming groups, and there is power in numbers. If you are still afraid, do what I wish I would have done: remain anonymous (like Banksy).

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Donald Trump And King Kong Have An Odd History Together

In the poster for the upcoming film “Kong: Skull Island,” a large, terrifying figure looms over the horizon. A glowing orange sun with a yellow top surrounds the monster as though a halo might, casting an ominous figure.

The film, another installment of the many “King Kong” films out there, is coming to theaters this weekend, a bit more than a decade after the last major reboot in 2005.

“King Kong: Skull Island” has an estimated budget of around $190 million, and is expected to gross around $50 million in the U.S. and Canada alone during this opening weekend. It stands to become a blockbuster.

The legendary story of the oversized, mythical gorilla will play out on screen for viewers as the public contends with an ongoing spectacle in the White House. Interestingly, President Donald Trump, has a long history with the story of the famous primate.

At the 2002 Academy Awards, Trump appeared in a short video segment created by filmmaker Errol Morris that focused on the favorite movie moments of the featured individuals. Speaking alongside notable faces such as Iggy Pop and Mikhail Gorbachev, Trump had a particularly telling answer for his cherished movie memory.

“Seeing King Kong try and conquer New York,” he said, with a small grin.

Back when he was better known as a bloviating figure of New York real estate, Trump gained an ownership stake of the Empire State Building, the same one associated with King Kong in the 1990s. He attempted to win control of the entire building, but was ultimately thwarted as his stake was bought out.

In 2005, he publicly attended Universal Studios’ premiere of the Peter Jackson–directed reboot with wife Melania.

Yet the 2016 presidential campaign led artists and political commentators alike to align Trump and the Empire State–dominating film icon even further.

In a segment about Trump’s infamous “locker-room banter” with Billy Bush, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah compared Trump to Kong

“Trump is like King Kong in that they both broke free of their shackles and like grabbing white women without asking,” he said.

Around the time that scandal erupted, Trump himself tweeted a message containing imagery reminiscent of King Kong.

As a method of protest to Trump’s misogynistic and xenophobic rhetoric during his campaign and beyond, artists have frequently aligned the man with the city-conquering Kong. 

In January, Madonna shared a depiction of Trump as King Kong atop the Statue of Liberty.

Other visuals aligning Trump with Kong have ended up as covers on editions of 


Just last week during Mardi Gras, a float imagined Trump as the ape clinging to the Washington Monument.

A political cartoon by Michael de Adder depicted Trump as a shackled Kong — the moment in the original film just before Kong violently reacts to the jarring flashes of photographers and breaks free of his restraints.

The star of “Skull Island,” Brie Larson, has even 

 that her new film contains a message that directly advocates against Trump’s aggressive tendencies — especially toward the media. 

“I make movies as a form of activism,” she wrote in an Instagram caption. “I believe we learn from what we see in our leaders. I’m proud to play Mason Weaver in @kongskullislandmovie because she represents the many journalists who risk their lives everyday to share with us the truth. Weaver leads with compassion and believes that unity cannot be obtained through aggression.”

Whether you take your entertainment in the form of a gorilla blockbuster or The New York Times, it’s hard not to notice the fascinating timing of it all.

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Trump Makes His First Visit To A School As President, And It's A Private Religious One

President Trump made his first visit to a school as president on Friday, amid reports that he is planning an expensive and widespread federal school choice program.

He did not visit one of the traditional public schools that 90 percent of American students attend. Instead, he spent the afternoon in a private Catholic school that participates in Florida’s tax credit scholarship program. That program gives tax breaks to corporations and individuals who donate money to a scholarship granting group. This group, in turn, helps low-income kids attend private schools. 

Trump’s visit has been seen as a show of support for programs like Florida’s, which make it easier for students to attend private schools. He has signaled his support for such programs before, although it is unclear what a school choice initiative from his administration would look like. 

Trump visited the school with an entourage, including U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner. He visited a fourth-grade classroom and participated in a roundtable discussion with school leaders. 

St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando serves students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. The school’s website says: “our goals are simple: College and Heaven.”

While at the school, Trump highlighted Denisha Merriweather, a young woman who enrolled in a private school through Florida’s school choice program. Earlier in the week, Merriweather was one of his guests to his address to Congress. 

He said he hopes to see “millions more to achieve the same success” as Merriweather during the visit.

After one child told him she wants to start a business, he joked that she’s “gonna make a lot of money. But don’t run for politics,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Public education leaders strongly criticized Trump’s trip to the school, citing evidence that school voucher programs ― a close cousin of tax credit scholarship programs ― are ineffective and drain resources from public schools.

“To borrow a word from President Trump, it’s so ‘sad’ that the president and his secretary of education have demonstrated such an antipathy toward public schools,” said president of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten in a statement. “He has taken a page right out of the extremist playbook by criticizing, undermining and proposing the defunding of public schools and instead trumpeting private alternatives.” 

Similar to tax credit programs, voucher programs also use taxpayer money to pay for children to go to private schools. President of the National Education Association Lily Eskelsen García noted that unlike public schools, private schools do not have to accept every student and are not held accountable for their performance. 

“A child’s success should not depend on a gamble, and yet today’s visit by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos shows they’re doubling down on failed policies like voucher schemes that steal taxpayer dollars from public schools to fund private and for-profit schools, all at the expense of students,” said García’s statement. 

In recent days, groups like The Century Foundation have also released reports criticizing Trump’s education agenda and emphasis on private schools.

Richard Kahlenberg, report author and a senior fellow at the left-leaning foundation, says that if Trump follows through on his proposed education plans, it could help lead to the privatization of the American public school system.

“I think public education is under a bigger threat than any time in my memory,” Kahlenberg told The Huffington Post. 

Kahlenberg noted that tax credit programs essentially have the same result as voucher programs, in “diverting public money from public schools to private schools.”

DeVos, Trump’s controversial secretary of education, has long been a supporter of these types of programs. She has said she sees tax credit and voucher programs as a way to provide the same opportunities to poor families as rich families. 

 ― ― 

Rebecca Klein covers the challenges faced in school discipline, school segregation and the achievement gap in K-12 education. Tips? Email:


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Canadians Freak Out As Sarah Palin's Name Comes Up For Ambassador

After White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday refused to discount the possibility that President Donald Trump might name Sarah Palin as the next ambassador to Canada, Twitter exploded with negative comments north of the border.

But first to complain were politicians. New Democrat Party member of Parliament Nathan Cullen told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation it would be difficult to take the former Alaska governor and onetime vice-presidential candidate seriously because she wouldn’t know the truth “if it jumped up and knocked her on the head.” He also compared her to “another Donald Trump.”

Another NDP member of Parliament, Charlie Angus, characterized such a choice as insulting, saying it shows “how little” Trump and Steve Bannon “think of Canada.”

Then the rest of Canada piled on their Alaska neighbor.

Speculation first arose last month after the resignation of ambassador Bruce Heyman, who was appointed by Barack Obama. It kicked up Wednesday when Spicer, pressed specifically on a Palin ambassador appointment at a White House news conference, did not count her out. “We have no additional ambassador nominations or announcements to make on that front,” he said. “I’m sure at some point we will have, soon.”

A headline in the Ottawa Citizen warned that Palin could “bring her carnival show here.” Twitter users’

 comments ranged from the hilarious to the horrified. Lots made fun of her notorious geographical mistakes (she boasted during the 2008 presidential campaign that you could “see Russia” from Alaska, as evidence of her global experience) and apparent general cluelessness about foreign affairs.

Others were mostly stunned. One asked Trump instead to simply bomb the country, and signed the tweet: “All intelligent life in Canada.”

A number of Americans apologized for the potential nomination, with one saying a Palin appointment was “no way to treat a friend.” One reminded Palin to “drive on the other side of the road.”

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'This Is Us' Finale Delayed By A Week For Trump Speech

Your regularly scheduled hour of weekly sobbing, aka NBC’s “This Is Us,” has been delayed because apparently nothing is sacred anymore and it’s time for President Donald Trump to give another speech. 

The season finale of the acclaimed series, which was was originally intended to air March 7, will now air March 14 at 9/8c, according to Deadline. Broadcast networks are adjusting scheduling to accommodate Trump’s first address of a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m,, delaying all programming on that night forward by one week. 

The premiere of John Lithgow’s new comedy series “Trial & Error” will also be pushed back. The “Making a Murderer”–style mockumentary sitcom will now air after the “This Is Us” finale with two back-to-back episodes. 

“This Is Us” fans are an emotional bunch, so naturally they didn’t take too kindly to the news that they’d have to wait another week to drool over Milo Ventimiglia. 

TV fans have been impacted by Trump already this season, when the returns of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” and the premiere of “Scandal,” were all delayed due to a “20/20” pre-inauguration special about the Trump family. 

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Anti-Semitic Tweets Erupt After Rabbi’s Prayer At Trump’s Inauguration

The rabbi who blessed Donald Trump at his presidential inauguration Friday said he expected the anti-Semitic messages that were hurled his way on Twitter ― and that they won’t stop him from doing what he thinks is right.

The Times of Israel reports that hundreds of hateful messages targeting Rabbi Marvin Hier appeared on the social media site following his remarks at Trump’s inauguration. Hier was invited by Trump to offer a prayer Friday along with five other religious leaders.

On Twitter, some users expressed surprise and disgust that Hier was speaking. One person depicted him as the devil, Hier mentioned with amusement Monday. 

Hier told The Huffington Post he’s not fazed by the tweets, and that he’s received an “overwhelming” amount of positive responses from people of different faiths.

“I expected that there would be an element of kooks and neo-Nazis that would be very offended,” said Hier, who lives in Los Angeles. “We have in this country neo-Nazis who would like to go back to the days of Adolf Hitler.”

“Look, it’s a concern. Sometimes they make threats,” he added. “But we have to do what we think is right. We can’t let them dictate the terms of our lives.”

Hier is the founder and dean of the L.A.-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, which fights global anti-Semitism, and its Museum of Tolerance. 

There’s been a rise in anti-Semitic activity since the election, according to Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, a nonprofit that fights bigotry and attacks against Jewish people.

“The image of a Jewish religious leader like Rabbi Hier on such a high-profile platform, they found it disturbing and inconsistent with their racist views of this country,” Greenblatt told HuffPost.

Greenblatt said the types of comments are nothing new, but social media has allowed white supremacists to “flood the public conversation with their venom” in real time.

“Social media has created this conveyor belt for anti-Semitism, and it’s extended its reach dramatically,” he said.

During his campaign, Trump was accused of propagating anti-Semitic messages in a tweet, which he denied. But some of his supporters interpreted the tweet and other xenophobic comments Trump made as approval of their white supremacist views.

Hier was the first Orthodox rabbi to deliver a prayer at a president’s inauguration, and the first rabbi to speak at an inauguration in over 30 years.

“Dispense justice for the needy and the orphan,” he said in his benediction. “For they have no one but their fellow citizens, and because a nation’s wealth is measured by her values and not by her vaults.”

Hier faced criticism from some in the Jewish community for accepting Trump’s invitation after earlier condemning the president’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. But he called it an “honor” and his “duty” to attend the inauguration.

“Three hundred and sixty-four days a year is enough for political bickering,” he said Monday. “One day every four years, both sides come together for the peaceful transition [of power].”

On Twitter, some users argued that Hier’s presence at the inauguration showed Trump is not actually a bigot.

In his inaugural address, Trump repeatedly used the slogan “America First,” which he’d used in remarks about foreign policy during his campaign. The ADL asked him in April to stop using the phrase, which was popular last century among anti-Semites who believed Jewish Americans were pushing the country to enter World War II against U.S. interests.

Greenblatt called attention to a different line in Trump’s speech: “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

“We do hope he’ll speak out clearly and unequivocally about this kind of anti-Semitism,” Greenblatt said.

He added that all political leaders have a responsibility to speak out against hate, and that the tech industry should take stronger action to address the hate speech that proliferates on social media.

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Trump Tower Gets Renamed 'Dump Tower' On Google Maps

Donald Trump had an unusual place to call home Saturday.

Trump Tower, the president-elect’s New York City residence, was briefly renamed “Dump Tower” on Google Maps, to the amusement of eagle-eyed Internet users.



High five to the Google Maps genius who changed T***p Tower to its rightful name, Dump Tower

— Lesley Abravanel (@lesleyabravanel)

Google Maps showing Trump Tower as Dump Tower.

Because they can and because it's funny as hell.

— Aღanda (@GrnEyedMandy)

#Trump is reacting from his Dump Tower. #DumpTower #MAGA

— ☆ (@OrangeLimonata)

It’s not clear when the name change took place. People started to tweet about it around 2 p.m. Saturday. Several hours later, a second Manhattan location, the Trump International Hotel & Tower, was also changed to “Dump,” WPIX reported.

By Sunday morning, both locations had been changed back.

A spokeswoman for Google apologized for the mistake but provided no explanation for the meddling.

“Some inappropriate names were surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams immediately took action and have fixed the issue,” a Google spokeswoman said in an email to The Huffington Post Sunday.

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