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'Wonder Woman' Shatters Box Office With Biggest Female Director Opening. Ever.

A box office wonder.

Wonder Woman” smashed records this weekend to become the biggest domestic opening for a female director ever. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot under Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, the film grossed an estimated $100.5 million at more than 4,000 theaters domestically, according to a statement from Warner Bros. Sunday. Thursday night’s pre-show raked in $11 million alone. 

Sam Taylor-Johnson previously held the record for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which opened Valentine’s Day weekend in 2015 and grossed $85 million domestically (and $94 million over the four-day President’s Day weekend). The Hollywood Reporter previously pegged Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” debut at $95 million in North America and upward of $100 million internationally, based on pre-release tracking.  

Jenkins said she was intent on getting the character of Wonder Woman right because of what the representation of heroism means. 

“I’m such a believer in the genre because I’m a believer in mankind turning stories into about what it means to be a hero and what would I do if I was a hero and how would that feel,” she told Screen Rant. “And so, you know, there is always that opportunity in any movie with a metaphor to use to make something beautiful that really touches people. And this is such an important time in the world for people to think about what kind of hero they would want to be and what we’re going to do to save this world that I was honored to get to join in the dialogue.”

And that representation matters to viewers young and old alike. 

“Wonder Woman,” which had a $149 million production budget and currently boasts a 93 percent certified-fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, had to face an uphill battle of sexism both on screen and off. From perfectly chiding “its male mudslingers with humor and grace” in the script to offering a women-only screening of the film in spite of male critics, “Wonder Woman” stands as an emblem of female empowerment

Reaching Hollywood’s biggest opening weekend for a female director is certainly a glass-ceiling-breaking milestone, but Jenkins says there is still more that needs to be done when it comes to who gets to tell Hollywood’s stories. 

“Until studios change their ways and stop only generating from within the same small group of people — and until they become interested in attracting more diverse kinds of stories and audiences — women directors will continue to be one of the many, many kind of collateral damage,” she told LeanIn. “If you are still focused on attracting young men to the box office, you will continue to hire mostly (formerly) young men to speak to them. The irony is that the data now clearly shows that this audience is no longer the most powerful in the world. Middle-aged women are. Yet the studio system still seems very slow to figure out how to shift their approach.” 

After the weekend’s box office numbers came out, Twitter users wanted to remind the world that female directors and superhero fans are ― and have always been ― awesome. 

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Moms Who Have Everything

For more shopping deals, sign up for Full Carts Can’t Lose.

Mother’s Day is near, and if you’re struggling to find that perfect gift ― or just realizing what day it is! ― don’t fret. We’ve got some ideas to help you bring your gift-giving A-game to Mother’s Day brunch.

Whether you’re looking to impress or just trying not to break the bank, we’ve got options for something fancy, just a thought and everything in between. [we’ve got options for every budget. Happy gifting!] 

A fun way to spend some quality time and your sugar fix. is a great place to find a cooking class in your area

Paint And Wine Night

Paint nights are a fun experience to give. Check Groupon or look for some local fundraising events in your area.

Custom Photo Phone Case

Personalize a phone case with your likeness and wow your mom completely. Hurry though, these orders may need a few days

Monogrammed Leather Sunglasses Case

Your mom may not have realized that she needed a monogrammed eyeglass case, but she does. Check out the many personalization options at Mark & Graham

Funny Cards

Regular old greeting cards just won’t do the trick any longer. Browse through Etsy’s card options and find the perfect message to send to mom. 

 A Framed #TBT

Tug on her heartstrings with a sentimental throwback. Connect to your Instagram account and easily upload and frame your latest #tbt

A Lovely Leather Satchel

A new bag is always a good idea. Get this Michael Kors satchel or one of the many other options at

Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

This gift will certainly impress and may possibly require you to be tech support, but it will be a hit. And lucky you, this one is currently on sale.

Aveeno & Neutrogena Sunscreen


Put together some summer essentials, starting with some sunscreen! has just about everything you’ll need to put together an A+ gift.


A Gift Card Trunk Club


There are quite a few clothing subscription services out there, so take your pick. Trunk Club gives you the option to buy a gift card (available from $50-$2000) and let mom see for herself. 


Whether your mom is a big reader or not, offer her the option to listen to the latest and greatest books. Gift an Audible membership for three, six or nine months.  Next stop, podcasts. 

A Beautiful Bouquet


You can never go wrong with flowers and these farm-to-table flowers are especially great. Order a bouquet and get free weekday delivery. 

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Bernie Sanders Obliterates The GOP Health Care Bill In 1 Tweet

Congressional Democrats universally condemned the Republican Obamacare repeal bill that the House passed on Thursday.

But Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, speaking with characteristic bluntness, may have summed it up best with a single tweet.

Here were some of the sharpest responses from Sanders’ Democratic colleagues in the House and Senate:

Several Democrats mocked President Donald Trump’s

in which he asked, “It’s Thursday. How many people have lost their healthcare today?” 

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America Has A Lot Of Feelings About McDonald's New 'Dystopian' Uniforms

They look plucked from a galaxy far, far, away, but McDonald’s new employee uniforms are real, from this galaxy, and have a lot of people talking.

The iconic fast food chain debuted uniforms created by American fashion designer Waraire Boswell last week. The gray-and-blue looks are a jarring shift from the happy-go-lucky, red-and-yellow garb you may currently associate with the Big Mac-slinging restaurant. 

It’s the first time the brand has teamed up with a designer to create outfits for its employees, and according to HypeBeast, they were designed for comfort and functionality based on feedback from customers and employees.

We’re all about providing employees with more comfortable clothing options, but social media users were quick to notice a few other things about the futuristic fashion. 

Some saw the new look as a pretty fitting metaphor for the trying times in which we’re currently living.

Many made the obvious connection to “Star Wars,” pronouncing the look perfect for a McDonald’s located on the Death Star.  

Others pointed to a few other pop culture references. 

And some lamented the outfits look like they could have come straight off the runway at a Kanye West show, which would be pretty fitting considering West’s deeply rooted connection to the brand through poetry. 

No word on the look from social media burn champion and Mickey D’s competitor Wendy’s, but McDonald’s did share a look back at some of its previous, less contentious uniforms from over the years. 



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Get Your Keychains Ready: The Original Tamagotchi Is Back

It’s official: 2017 is the year the ‘90s came full circle.

Just like chokers, crop tops and platform sandals, the original Tamagotchi, a ‘90s kid staple, is back on the market.

Bandai, the Japan-based toy company responsible for the pocket pet craze, this year released on Amazon Japan a game modeled after the original Tamagotchi (the one with the basic, green-tinted LCD display), but people in the U.S. are just catching on now.

Bandai first debuted its pixelated pet game in Japan in 1996, and in the U.S. in 1997.

From then on, kids, teenagers and, let’s be honest, a few easily distracted adults, would eagerly wait for their Tamagotchi eggs to hatch into a pet made of the most basic digital graphics (read: literal pixels). Users had to feed their pet, play with it and pick up its poop with the help of three tiny rubber buttons.

And if anyone slacked in their parenting responsibilities, their digital darling would eventually die.

This isn’t the first Tamagotchi revival. In fact, the handheld classic toy never disappeared from the toy market.

Bandai has released a number of updated Tamagotchi products over the years, including models with multicolor displays, devices that allow users to raise entire families of Tamagotchi and a Tamagotchi game app for your iPhone. Katy Perry and Orlando Boom even wore the digital eggs to the tech-themed Met Gala in 2016

Despite a few missing icons and its slightly smaller size, the re-released Tamagatchi stays true to the original, with its monochromatic display and six original Tamagotchi characters, according to The Telegraph. 

They’re currently only available in Japan, but if you need to satisfy your #TBT vibes sooner, we suggest searching through your childhood closet for your old (and probably dead) pocket pet. Or you can buy one of the newer models on Amazon’s U.S. marketplace.

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The Internet Will Never Get Over This Photo Of The Third 'Property Brother'

Property Brothers” Jonathan and

have made a career for themselves as a renovations tag team. A duo. A couple of handsome twins with impeccable taste.

So when this old photo with their EMO-haired older brother JD Scott popped up, Twitter lost its mind. 

’s existence has not exactly been a secret. He’s even starred alongside his bros in a ― you guessed it ― a home improvement show. There was also a rumor
around that he was a magician, perhaps sparked by the Criss Angel aesthetic above. 

Scott lives in Las Vegas, describes himself as an “HGTV/Great American Country, Radio & Global Ambassador,” has over 2 million Vine loops (R.I.P. Vine), is in fact

 and has ditched the so-called “Pete Wentz hair.” 

In fact, he looks more like this these days: 

If you’re thinking right about now that JD is your new favorite “Brother,” you’re not alone. Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick conducted a thought-provoking poll in 2015, asking 

JD was the clear favorite, garnering 68 percent of the 90 person vote. 

ProBro 3, as we’ve decided to call him, appears to be in a relationship, but we can’t help but fantasize about setting him up with fellow third sibling Elizabeth Olsen. They’d have so much to talk about! 

Keep rockin’, JD Scott. 

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Women Flood Twitter With Stories Of The First Time Their Clothes Were Sexualized

Women on Twitter are speaking out after three young girls were turned away from a United Airlines flight on Sunday because their leggings were a violation of the airlines’ pass traveler’s dress code. One of the girls was able to board after putting a dress over her outfit, and two were barred from boarding altogether.

United released a statement on Sunday, saying that pass travelers ― travelers who are dependents or relatives of a United employee ― must adhere to the dress code. “When taking advantage of this benefit, all employees and pass riders are considered representatives of United,” it said. “And like most companies, we have a dress code that we ask employees and pass riders to follow.”

Many on Twitter, including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Patricia Arquette, were quick to point out how ridiculous it was to police girls’ clothing. And in response to the news, writer Dana Schwartz asked women Sunday to share the first time they were “made to feel embarrassed and sexualized” for their outfits, and shared her experience as well. 

Responses to Schwartz’s tweets poured in, and prompted the hashtag


The responses were a sad reminder that women are not only sexualized way too early, but also punished and humiliated, at a ridiculously young age, for something as innocent as getting dressed. 

Check out some of the tweets below:

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Trump Heads To Golf Club For the Twelfth Time In 9-Week Presidency

So far, President Donald Trump hasn’t had much follow-through on his campaign promises to skip golfing and rarely leave the White House.

Trump arrived at Virginia’s Trump National Golf Club on Saturday morning, making it the twelfth time in his 9-week presidency that he’s made a trip to a golf club, NBC News editor Brad Jaffy pointed out on Twitter.

It was not immediately clear whether Trump was actually playing golf. Pool reporters were told that Trump was at the club for “meetings,” though as of Saturday afternoon they had been given no information about the nature of said meetings or who was involved.

The jaunts are in stark contrast to promises Trump made on the campaign trail, when he promised he would “

because there’s so much work to be done,” and declared he would “not have time to go play golf.”

The president also derided former President Barack Obama on numerous occasions for purportedly playing golf too much.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer also used to complain about Obama’s golfing.

However, Spicer is now defending Trump’s golf habit, arguing that the current president’s golfing is more strategic.

“How you use the game of golf is something that he’s talked about,” Spicer said at a press conference earlier this month, according to the Washington Post.

Spicer also stated that Trump was sometimes simply making calls and having meetings from golf clubs, not playing.

“So just because he heads there, it doesn’t mean that that’s what’s happening,” he said.

CBS correspondent Mark Knoller, who has kept records of presidential daily activities for several administrations, noted on Monday that the White House rarely confirms whether Trump is playing golf or not.

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How Much Does Trump Actually Work At Mar-A-Lago? Maybe Not So Much

President Donald Trump likes to call his Mar-a-Lago golf resort the “Winter White House” but there may be more presidential putts than meetings occurring at the get-away destination. It’s difficult to know for certain because the private club can keep the president’s activities hidden from the public — and the media.

This weekend in particular — the president’s fifth trip to Mar-a-Lago in eight weeks in the White House — Trump may have been more embroiled with his nine-iron than the troubles of the nation. He cancelled a touted meeting Friday night with “business leaders and doctors” to discuss veterans’ health care, and his aides were circumspect about how he spent his time Saturday.

He spent over four hours on Saturday at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, where he was supposed to be “having meetings and phone calls,” according to his staff, CBS reported.

But the president posed for a photo on Twitter, which included former Mitt Romney aide Peter Flaherty, in the clubhouse posted by pal Chris Ruddy, who runs the conservative news site Newsmax. Trump was wearing a golf glove. When asked about the photo, an aide conceded that the president may have “hit a few balls.”

Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago to have dinner with Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter.

In a strange scene at the White House on Friday concerning the meeting that was later cancelled, Trump boasted about it and turned to Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, asking him if he was coming to Mar-a-Lago. When Shulkin shook his head, Trump added: “You heard about it, right? It’s going to be great — all about the VA.”

Trump pointed out that the meeting would be at Mar-a-Lago, which “we call affectionately the Southern White House. Seems to be the most convenient location,” he added. “Everybody always wants to go to the Southern White House.”

The name change from “Winter White House” was apparently a signal that Trump intends to continue to make frequent trips to the resort long after the winter. 

The trips are particularly striking because of how Trump bashed former President Barack Obama for taking golf trips.

“I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done,” Trump said in 2015. “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.”

Trump’s frequent golf jaunts are becoming enormously expensive. Politico has estimated that each trip to Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers at least $3 million. (Protecting wife Melania and son Baron back in New York has been estimated to cost an additional $1 million a day.)

The Washington Post makes the case that Trump could fund the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness for nearly four years if he had skipped the resort trips he’s taken so far. But the newspaper also notes that estimating accurate costs is challenging.

Palm Beach officials told CNN on Friday that they want the Secret Service or Trump himself to help the county pay for police overtime spent to help protect the president. The sheriff’s department estimates that it costs about $60,000 in law enforcement overtime every day Trump spends in Florida, and officials expect the costs to top $1 million this weekend. 

Palm Beach Mayor Paulette Burdick said the county may have to hike taxes to cover the costs. “It means the local taxpayers will have to bear the added burden of being part of the security for the president,” she told CNN.

The latest security concern occurred Friday at Mar-a-Lago when a teen crashed a car he was driving into a fence at the resort, NBC reported. He was given a traffic ticket and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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Mom Of Three Shares Uplifting Body Image Post To Empower Women

In March of 2015, mom of three Rachel Hollis shared an unfiltered photo of her “flabby” tummy exposed in a bikini on Facebook, along with a powerful message about postpartum body image. Now nearly two years after her post went viral, Hollis is sharing the same words to inspire even more mothers.

On Thursday, Hollis posted a new photo of herself in a bathing suit with a #TBT message.

Hollis, who runs the popular lifestyle blog The Chic Site, posted the original photo while on vacation in Mexico. So when she found herself traveling in Cabo San Lucas, she felt inspired to share another beach photo.

The caption was exactly the same:

I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini. I have a belly that’s permanently flabby from carrying three giant babies and I wear a bikini. My belly button is saggy... (which is something I didn’t even know was possible before!!) and I wear a bikini. I wear a bikini because I’m proud of this body and every mark on it. Those marks prove that I was blessed enough to carry my babies and that flabby tummy means I worked hard to lose what weight I could. I wear a bikini because the only man who’s opinion matters knows what I went through to look this way. That same man says he’s never seen anything sexier than my body, marks and all. They aren’t scars ladies, they’re stripes and you’ve earned them. Flaunt that body with pride!

The mom’s original post has received nearly 500,000 likes. Her second iteration is also resonating with parents and has reached over 25,000 likes and counting.

Hollis told The Huffington Post she hopes her post gives women a sense of encouragement about their own bodies. Citing the pressure moms in particular face, she explained, “There is the long list of things the media tells us we’re all supposed to aspire to: size zero, toned muscles, shiny hair, white teeth, Pinterest perfect houses and clothes ... and you need to pull all of this off while raising perfect children. It’s an impossibility.”

She continued, “More than that, its an extremely detrimental message because so many women believe that achieving those things is what will make them happy. When they don’t measure up in one (or all) of those ways, they begin to berate themselves and it becomes a never-ending cycle of negative self talk.”

Hollis wants women to feel empowered by her pride for her body, which doesn’t stem from what it looks like but rather what it has done for her. “My body has grown three beautiful babies and then found the strength to push them into the world,” she said.

“My body as carried me through marathons and held me up through seasons of trauma. My body has been every size and shape and through it all it has remained strong and powerful,” she added.

Ultimately, the mom feels fortunate that her body has “never failed” her ― a gift which so many other people don’t have. 

“So I refuse to beat up my body for being something it’s not,” said Hollis. “And I refuse to hide it away because it doesn’t fit someone else’s ideal.”

For more of her musings on motherhood, follow Hollis on Facebook and Instagram.

The HuffPost Parents newsletter offers a daily dose of personal stories, helpful advice and comedic takes on what it’s like to raise kids today. Sign up here.

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