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ICE Distorts The Truth To Keep Up With Trump’s Agenda

We cannot take our eyes off of Trump or his deportation force. Not even for a second.


mar 17, 15:01
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What Woke America And Great America Can Learn From Each Other


mar 17, 15:01
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Those Doctors ‘Politicizing Psychiatry’ Are Actually Doing The Opposite

History shows us where the real danger lies -- when governments control doctors.


mar 17, 15:01
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Sean Bean’s Role In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Much Bigger Than You Thought

Ned Stark wasn't just right about winter...


mar 17, 15:01
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Not Every Woman In A Position Of Power Is A Feminist Hero

Gina Haspel’s dark past makes her a complicated figure for feminists to support.


mar 17, 15:01
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15 Dead After Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Greek Coast

Five children are reportedly among the dead.


mar 17, 14:43
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Driver Tries To Pass Homer Simpson License Off As Real To Cops



mar 17, 14:05
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The Real Drama In Russia’s Election Comes After The Vote

As Putin heads for reelection, Russia's elites are ready to turn on one another.


mar 17, 14:01
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Jimmy Fallon Shares His Viewers’ Funniest Drunk Stories

These are sobering.


mar 17, 13:06
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Parkland Shooting Survivor Calls Out Lawmakers In Chilling NRA-Style Ad

“What if our politicians weren’t the b***h of the NRA?"


mar 17, 11:52
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