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Tucker Carlson Had A Witch On His Show. It Did Not Go As Planned

“Sincere question: Is eye of newt an actual ingredient?”


sep 20, 08:47
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While St. Louis Faces New Protests, Ferguson Is Making ‘Good Progress’

“The police department’s outlook and view is vastly different than it used to be," Ferguson's police chief says.


sep 20, 08:04
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The Victory Speech Clinton Never Gave Is Devastating

The former presidential candidate shares a passage from the speech in her new memoir.


sep 20, 07:18
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Jimmy Kimmel: Sen. Bill Cassidy Lied To My Face About Obamacare Repeal

"There’s a new Jimmy Kimmel test for you. It’s called the lie-detector test."


sep 20, 07:10
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Trump Supporters Invite Black Lives Matter On Stage In A Rare Moment Of Unity

This isn't something you see very often.


sep 20, 06:45
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DiCaprio Rips Trump’s Climate Record, Says Hurricanes Should Be A Wake-Up Call

"The cost of our inaction these past couple weeks has become even clearer," the actor and activist said.


sep 20, 05:54
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Clinton Tears Into Trump’s ‘Dark And Dangerous’ UN Speech

The former secretary of state then explained what Trump should have said.


sep 20, 05:42
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What It’s Like To Be Gay, Black And HIV-Positive In Birmingham

I knew almost immediately that I didn’t want to keep my diagnosis a secret.


sep 20, 05:15
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Woman’s Viral Photo Shoot With Fiancé Has An Empowering Message

"I look so in love and confident. Every person should be able to see themselves in that light."


sep 20, 03:15
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Brazilian Judge Sparks Outrage By Approving Gay Conversion Therapy

The ruling prompted the creation of the protest hashtag: #curagay.


sep 20, 02:51
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