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'Family' Group Uses Chelsea Manning's Image In Anti-Trans Military Ad

The political ad implies that health care for trans service members would hurt defense spending.


jul 21, 01:43
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Friends and family described 40-year-old Justine Damond as “a gift.”

Friends, family and acquaintances described the 40-year-old Australian native as “a gift.”


jul 21, 00:53
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Justine Damond Leaves Legacy Of Love: She Saw ‘The Good In Everyone’

Friends, family and acquaintances described the 40-year-old Australian native as "a gift."


jul 21, 00:53
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GOP Leaders Offer To Make Obamacare Repeal Bill Slightly Less Awful

Apparently they hope wavering Republican senators can't do basic math.


jul 21, 00:37
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Why Donald Trump Can’t Quit 'The Failing' New York Times

Even as he constantly discredits the newspaper, he seems to seek its approval.


jul 21, 00:08
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What You Missed From O.J. Simpson’s Parole Hearing

Simpson has been granted parole after spending nine years in jail for armed robbery and kidnapping.


jul 21, 00:01
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Tennessee County Offers Inmates Shorter Sentences If They Get A Vasectomy

The ACLU says the program is unconstitutional.


jul 20, 23:58
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For Shocked Australians, America’s Gun Nightmare Hits Home

Australians know about America’s police violence problem. But this week, America’s problem became Australia’s problem.


jul 20, 23:38
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Another Reason Why It’s Great The BBC Revealed Anchors’ Salaries

Transparency is the only path to solve the gender pay gap.


jul 20, 23:29
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Top Republican Wants You To Believe Russia Was Behind That Famous Trump Dossier

But Sen. Chuck Grassley's insinuations don't add up.


jul 20, 23:13
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