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Bill Maher: Don’t Lump Al Franken In With Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey Or Trump

“He did a bad thing and the condemnation has been universal, which he deserves."


nov 18, 10:59
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E! Entertainment Investigating Seacrest For Alleged ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior

The famed TV personality denies the accusations from a wardrobe stylist who worked with him "nearly a decade ago."


nov 18, 07:15
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Judge Running For Ohio Governor Boasts On Facebook He’s Bedded 50 Women

What is happening?


nov 18, 05:47
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Facing Public Outrage, Trump Puts Elephant Trophy Decision ‘On Hold’


nov 18, 04:10
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‘Transparent’ Writer Suggests Series Refocus Away From Jeffrey Tambor

"We cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man," she writes.


nov 18, 03:31
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19 Asian-Americans Arrested At Paul Ryan’s Office Pushing For Dream Act

They were calling on Congress to protect young undocumented immigrants.


nov 18, 03:17
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‘Project Runway’ Star Wendy Pepper Dies At 53

The designer made her mark on the first season of the reality TV series.


nov 18, 02:58
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Pope Francis Blasts ‘Perverse Attitudes’ Of Climate Change Deniers

The U.S. remains the only country in the world to reject the Paris climate agreement.


nov 18, 02:53
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Head Of Puerto Rico Power Utility Resigns As More Controversy Plagues Island

PREPA executive director Ricardo Ramos had faced scrutiny at a Senate hearing over a repair contract.


nov 18, 02:50
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Gov. Kay Ivey said she was committed to getting a Republican in the Senate.


nov 18, 02:16
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